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The TODDLER program is for children who are 18 months-3 years. Each class consists of up to 12 children with a Montessori-certified lead guide and an assistant. Children are introduced to Montessori concepts of respect, order, concentration, coordination and independence through their work and social interactions. Each Toddler classroom has an observation windown which provides parents with a peek into the world of their child.  Our parents absolutely love this feature.  It's not often that parents get to watch their child without the child knowing.  It's very comforting for a parent to drop-off their child in the morning, spend a few moments observing through the window, then move throughout their day knowing that their child is safe and happy at school!   Another unique feature of our classrooms is our outdoor patio space which the children like to call their 'backyards.'  It's an extension of the classroom environments, creating places for the children to enjoy the natural setting.  See below for more details about the Toddler curriculum and environments.  

Two Programs Are Offered (both programs are 5 days/week, Monday-Friday)

Toddler Half-Day Program: 8:30-12 pm

Toddler Full-Day Program: 8:30-3 pm

Our Sunrise/Sunset Program is available for parents who need care for their children before or after the school day.

Toddlers are natural explorers, curious about the world around them.  They actively engage with everything in their environments, taking in information through their senses.  As Dr. Montessori said, "The hand is the instrument of the mind".  Montessori Toddler classrooms are carefully prepared to provide a safe, developmentally appropriate setting to satisfy a child's curiosity and desire to learn by doing.  

Dedicated, nurturing trained teachers accompany a toddler on his/her journey, offering guidance within the well-designed curriculum.  The main focus areas are fostering cognitive/ speech/language development, developing fine motor and gross motor skills, introducing grace and courtesy lessons, and promoting independence. From a young age, children want to actively participate in their learning and mastery (how many times have parents heard their young child say "Me do!").  A Montessori todder classroom respects and nurtures a child's natural inclination and promotes a toddler's independence through hands-on experiences, everyting from washing of hands before snack to putting on jackets using the 'kindergarten flip'.  Of course, independent toileting is the work of a toddler, and our toddler teachers partner with parents to identify readiness and support each toddler on their path to full toileting independence.

Developing a strong connection with the natural world is a value we hold, thus children are provided multiple opportunities each day to be outside.  Each Toddler classroom has an outside patio, an extension of the in-classroom learning space.  Children move freely between the two environments, creating as little separation as possible between the inside and the natural world.  Additionally, our playgound area provides a variety of sensorial opportunities to explore through the senses, smelling and touching beautiful native plants, flowers and trees.  Our 'loose parts' area contains tree stumps, logs and other natural materials that the children can climb on, look under and feel and marvel at their rich textures.

Upon completion of the Toddler program (age 3 and independently toileting), children transition to our Children's House Program.

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