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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees shall be comprised of men and women who share a deep sense of commitment to the ideals of a Montessori education and to The Montessori School of Winston-Salem. In all matters, they consider the overall best interests of the school over their own interests or over the interests of any constituent group within the school community.

The primary responsibilities of the Board of Trustees are to establish, from time to time reexamine, and if necessary refine, the institutional identity, mission, and core values and beliefs about education that define the nature of the school, as outlined in the Blueprint. Based on this foundation, the board selects and supervises a day-to-day Head of School, whose job is to select and supervise the school's faculty and staff, admit students and families, ensure that they are provided with an authentic Montessori program and kept safe (physically and emotionally), oversee the school's financial resources and physical plant, and nurture a sense of community among children, teachers and staff, parents, and friends of the school. Thirdly, the board establishes policies and makes decisions that are consistent with the school's core values as set forth in the blueprint, and ensures that day-to-day operating policies established by the Head of School are likewise consistent with the school's core values as set forth in the Blueprint.

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